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Project Description:

Create HoneyBadger's Custom Power Cards for the Roll20 Virtual Tabletop easier with this GUI tool!

This tool aids in the creation of Custom Power Cards developed by HoneyBadger for the Roll20 Virtual Tabletop system. The currently available predefined macro tags are geared towards use with Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition, but adding custom tags to support any game system will work.

Requires the "Custom Power Cards" Roll20 API script

Macro Generator as of 2014-05-11
Custom Power Card created with help of tool


Current Features:

  • Predefined macro tags help in the creation of standardized power cards
  • Auto-fill option creates most powers from the official D&D rules data retrieved via DDI Downloader (Insider Account IS required).

Planned Features:

  • More complete auto-fill
  • GUI cleanup and streamline
  • Incorporate predefined macro tags for other systems

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